Episode 32. Black Men’s Health: The National African American Male Wellness Agency (AAWellness)


Episode Summary:

We know a lot about health disparities: what and where they are. What can we do about them? This organization provides concrete and effective steps toward reducing disparities (in health care knowledge, access, clinical/vaccine trials) for Black men. In this podcast with a dynamic and inspiring team of African American men, hear their stories of what brought them to this successful endeavor, and learn how they provide Black men and communities with trusted information (a big issue these days, always has been a big issue), and a range of free resources and health events.

Episode Guests:

John H. Gregory, Founder, National African American Male Wellness Agency.

Victor Tolbert, Founder of NXT Level Fitness and the Pacific Northwest Chapter Lead for the National African American Male Wellness Agency.

Kiwan Lawson M.S., Executive Director, National African American Male Wellness Agency.

During This Episode We Discuss:

  • A program that works for Black Men by Black Men
  • The Black Community: what will work and what won’t work.
  • Health screening with results. 
  • How the initiative has grown and spread to other cities and states.
  • Strategies for encouraging black men to get engaged in their healthcare and know their “numbers” as it relates to their risk for certain diseases and medical conditions.

Quotes (Tweetables):

The event is free. “We have three things we’re focusing on 1) Know your numbers 2) Go to the Doctor, and 3) Start moving… a lot of good things have come out of this, but we’re really trying to have a focus on making sure that black men understand the need to become healthy.” 

 John H Gregory

“The biggest challenge is really getting men to open up to the aspect of going to screening and getting checked out… When we see each other going to the doctor, we’re more likely to do it. Were more likely to go get checked out.”

Victor Tolbert

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Episode Transcript: 

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