Episode 33: Religion, Spirituality and Health


Episode Summary:

What do you learn when a Rabbi, a Pastor, and a Reverend zoom into a men’s health podcast? A lot! For example, there is a cross-faith consensus: religion and spirituality play important roles in a holistic approach to health. Religions and spirituality provide support, love, guidance, community, and resources in times of stress and need, and in everyday birth, life and death, filling in areas not typically covered by preventative health or the health care system.

Episode Guests:

Rabbi Daniel Weiner, Senior Rabbi – Temple De Hirsch Sinai, Seattle, WA

The Very Rev. Steven L. Thomason, Dean, and Rector – Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral, Seattle, WA

 Pastor Cary Anderson, Senior Pastor – First African Methodist Episcopal Church, Seattle, WA

During This Episode We Discuss:

  • Listen to these 3 very thoughtful, caring, wise, and knowledgeable clergy for their thoughts on this complex subject.
  • Can spirituality and religion be separated?
  • Are we hardwired as human beings to require spirituality?
  • Connecting through community, rituals, and prayer.
  • Social and political actions.
  • Black religion as a part of the community.
  • Can physician health, mental health and spiritual health be separated?
  • Support available from your church for mental health, substance abuse, physical health.
  • Seeking spirituality grounding and questions of faith.
  • What is meant by “Church Hurt”?

Quotes (Tweetables):

“Spirituality is the more individual, personal experience of faith and religion is that which is more linked to community and tradition.”

“Within Judaism community is really paramount, there is room for individual experience, but the communal experience is really sufficient and complete for a full faith life. There certainly is room within each service, and more broadly in Judaism and Jewish theology for individual prayer, that’s really seen as incomplete, unless it’s also augmented by connection to faith and tradition, and a community not only in time but also in space.”

“Both Science and Faith offer us some holistic insights into wellness for people”

 Rabbi  Daniel Weiner

“ Some of the key markers for the Christian tradition are rituals and practices that lend meaning to life. Rituals that mark particular occasions in life, we get those in baptism, marriage, death and there’s many more. Practices that grow out of that, practices of prayer, worship, in community and of serving in the world, we say in Christ’s name, bound together by that spiritual connection.”                                                                   

The Very Rev. Steven L. Thomason

“Our faith and tradition is rooted in social action and in progressive thinking. We don’t see our social action and political action or anything like that separated from our spiritual understanding of who God is, the God that motivates us, God that sustains us, God that propels us.”

“Black religion as a whole is a part of the footstools of the guidance as people, individuals, and community.”

“I’d like to encourage men to take self-efficacy over your life, get involved in your spiritual health, your mental health, and your physical health and well-being, because a healthy man promotes a healthy community, healthy family, and healthy children, and a healthy neighborhood.”

 “Everyone deserves Love.”                                                                                      

 Pastor Cary Anderson

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