Episode 34: Back Pain


Episode Summary:

Back pain is usually short-lived and resolves with minimal treatment. But not always. Take care of your back by working on mobility, reducing risk factors, and consulting with physical therapists or psychiatrists if needed.


Neelwant Sandhu, M.D., Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine Specialist, University of Washington Sports Medicine Clinic

During This Episode We Discuss:

  • Back health
  • When is evaluation indicated?
  • Common issues such as back pain
  • Causes of back pain, evaluation of back pain, treatment of back pain
  • Strategies for back pain prevention
  • When to see a physician or healthcare provider
  • The role of physical therapy
  • Serious back issues  with neurological changes
  • Serious conditions masquerading as back pain

Quotes (Tweetables):

“Back pain that is more severe, back pain lasting more than a few days, or weeks, something that significantly limits your daily activity, you can’t walk, you’re bent over, those are valid reasons to go see your doctor. There are certain things we call red flags when it comes to back pain… fever and chills, any trauma or injury, heavy lifting or falling preceding back pain indicating the possibility of a fracture. Anything that might indicate a nerve problem in the back, which includes leg weakness, or bowel or bladder incontinence.”

“Be proactive, don’t assume all back pains are the same, and work on reducing your risk factors.

Neelwant Sandhu, M.D.

Recommended Resources:

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Sports Institute U.W. medicine website

Episode Transcript: 

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