Episode 36. Quick Virtual Workouts for Anywhere


Episode Summary: 

In this episode learn how easy it is to develop a daily habit of a virtual, do anywhere, mood-elevating workout. After listening to the podcast, check out these videos from Certified Trainer Lauren Updyke.

Episode Guest:  

Lauren Updyke, MS, American College of Sports Medicine Certified Trainer, Director of the University of Washington Whole U program.

During This Episode We Discuss: 

  • The benefits of exercise. Bone health, Cardiovascular health, improve blood pressure, stress reduction, improvement in mental health
  • Exercise is as essential as breathing 
  • How to start and make it a habit
  • Different workouts with video links
  • Fitness, strength training, yoga
  • How to get motivated to exercise

Quotes (Tweetables): 

“To start I recommend 15 minutes, and so that 15 minutes is broken up into 5 minutes of cardiovascular, which would be marching in place, jogging in place, jumping jacks, squat jumps, jump rope, anything that gets your heart rate moving. The middle 5 minutes would be strength training, all you need is your body….large muscle groups, an example, pushups, single side – single leg squat, dips, last 5 minutes are for core exercises plank or a crunch. End with stretching. Stretching is key..”

“Variety is key, stay consistent, schedule your exercise.”

Lauren Updyke

Recommended Resources: 

After listening to the podcast, check out these videos from Certified Trainer Lauren Updyke:

Episode Transcript: 

Coming soon!!

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