Episode 37. Safe and Effective Vaccines for SARS COV2 (Covid19)


Episode Summary: 

Scientists have been working non-stop to rid the world of Covid19. Amazingly, they achieved safe and effective vaccines in a mere 11 months. In this episode learn how and why the vaccines work to 1) protect us from infection, 2) reduce the threat of variants, and 3) wipe out the highly infectious diseases. 

Episode Guest: 

Dr. L. Corey, a leader in the global strategic response to Covid. Lawrence Corey, M.D., Professor of Medicine and Laboratory Medicine, University of Washington;  member of Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division of Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center; past president and director of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, Washington

During This Episode We Discuss: 

  • The story behind Covid19 vaccine development. What is a vaccine? How do they work?
  • How and what does the body do in response to a vaccine?
  • True information on vaccine safety and vaccine trials
  • True information from an internationally respected virologist on the vaccine methodology, technology. 
  • Covid Saturdays
  • This is science. How the science of virology and vaccines works, and why we can trust it.

Quotes (Tweetables):

“The best target for a virus, it’s not invariable, is to prevent it from landing. If you can’t land, you can’t get inside a cell, you’re essentially not alive and you can’t replicate.” responding to how vaccine proteins target a virus.”

“All this stuff about ( the vaccine ) changing your genetic code is false, it’s unequivocally not true.”

“Everybody pulled together in the industry, in academia and the regulators, saying we will review the data as we do it, but instead of sitting at one’s desk and having a meeting in a week, we’re all going to get together on Saturday night, this is what we do on Covid Saturday, is that we’re going to go through these tables that we got on Saturday morning and were going to make a decision at the table and Sunday were going to say Yes, move onto stage 2, normally that would be 4 months, well it was 24-48 hours, the decision-makers were in the room.”

Lawrence Corey, M.D.

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Episode Transcript: 

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