Episode 63: Let’s Examine This: Body Image and Eating Disorders


Episode Summary:

This month, we are collaborating with The Partnership for Male Youth to share their amazing podcast, Let’s Examine This, hosted by Dennis Barbour. We will be doing a collaborative episode with them in June for Men’s Health Awareness Month, so be sure to check out their show, and we’ll be back with a new episode of The Original Guide to Men’s Health in June.

What are some of the body image and eating disorders that young males are prone to? What is the difference between a body image and an eating disorder? How many young men are affected by these disorders? What are some of the other disorders that are present at the same time? What are some of the risk factors? Is there a genetic component? What role does the media play? What are some of the treatments for these disorders? Our two guest experts will discuss these and other issues.


Dr. Roberto Olivardia
Dr. Jason Nagata                                                           

Recommended Resources:

National Eating Disorders Association
Eating Disorders in Boys and Men
The Adonis Complex: How to Identify, Treat and Prevent Body Obsession in Men and Boys
Eating Disorders Helpline

Episode Transcript:

Coming soon!

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