Episode 64: Preventing Gun Violence


Episode Summary:

A community-based initiative is partnering with multiple agencies and resources toward gun violence prevention. Learn what’s involved in this campaign.

Listen to become educated on opportunities to intervene and resources needed.


Will Jimerson, Regional Gun Violence Team for Public Health – Seattle & King County

The Regional Peace Keepers Collective –  An Initiative Implemented by the RGV Program

During This Episode, We Discuss:

Mr. Jimerson reviews all aspects of the program and the efforts and resources needed to effect changes in gun violence and outcomes.

Quotes (Tweetables):

“Young folks of school age who are being exposed to a high percentage of a preventable cause of death, how can we insert those who have time or access to that population, such as school teachers or other community-based workers, organizations, or after-school programs.”

                                                                                                       Will Jimerson

“Consider one’s well-being, where they may be at in terms of just their life, where an opportunity exists in the model where a CBi component which is a Cognitive Behavioral Intervention, It’s almost like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy but is specialized with this particular population who have been impacted in a particular kind of way.”                         

                                                                                                          Will Jimerson

Recommended Resources:

Can Community Programs Help Slow The Rise In Violence? By Alec Macgillis. Pro Publica January 30

Regional Gun Violence Community-Based Resource Guide

Episode Transcript:

Coming soon!

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