Episode 60: Kidney Cancers, Cysts, and Benign Tumors

This episode follows two kidney cancer expert Urologists in understanding kidney tumors from diagnosis to treatment options.

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Episode 59: What To Know About The 4 Silent Killer Diseases

Learn what we know about these often undetected conditions. We look back to relevant episodes and some important comments from our experts.

We also asked our producer Sean Fox for some of his favorite episodes from the past year

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Episode 58: Common Pulmonary (Lung) Conditions, Pulmonary Health, and How to Maintain Healthy Lungs

Please join and listen to this wonderful review of common conditions affecting the lungs. Dr Schwartz provides us with information regarding how today’s air quality affects developing lungs in children, how it affects those of us who are adults and may or may not have underlying pulmonary issues.

We review the most common pulmonary concerns, advances in therapy and how to maintain good pulmonary health.

Dr Schwartz shares some very recent information on the genetics associated with one of the more common pulmonary diseases, Pulmonary Fibrosis.

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Episode 57: Ophthalmology: Common Conditions of the Eye

Ophthalmology is a medical surgical specialty concerned with the study and treatment of disorders and diseases of the eye. Listen as this episode reviews common conditions that affect the eye and our vision. Find out what you need to know to take appropriate care of your eyes. Learn how different eye diseases are diagnosed and treated. Listen to Dr Alder speak about innovations in disease management. Learn how to preserve and optimize your vision.

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Episode 56: Biotechnology 3- How Medical Devices Interface and Integrate with our Body Systems

This episode reviews the progress in developing biomaterials that allow for external and internal non – invasive interfaces with our various organs. A leading researcher reviews the requirements for such materials and shares some recent device developments.

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Episode 55:  Biotech Pt 2 – Cardiology meets Alexa Technology 

Learn how innovation in bio technology had led a cardiologist and his team to train Alexa to determine abnormal from normal heart rhythms. Still in development, this fascinating interface highlights how leading innovators take technology and smart devices forward to enhance clinical care.

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Episode 49: Female Sexual Health (for males and females)

Males & females have similar anatomy + physiology when it comes to libido, arousal, and orgasm—but they can differ in likes and experiences.  To improve sexual health, couples should communicate about these. Learn also how hormonal, medication, education, and technological methods can help both younger and older people.

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Episode 48: Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer affects more males than females by 3:1. In this episode, two experts demystify this common cancer, in a detailed and accessible discussion. They cover risk factors, cancer types, symptoms, diagnostic tests, treatments & reconstructive options. Useful information for anyone with bladder cancer or at risk for it.

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Episode 46: Precision Medicine, Biomarkers and Genitourinary Cancers

Biomarkers are windows into health, like a cholesterol or PSA test. Precision medicine biomarkers enable us to refine clinical targets, and identify more precise cancer risks, diagnosis & treatments. This new health care trend translates into better cancer care & reduced collateral damage, especially for prostate cancer.

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Episode 34: Back Pain

Back pain is usually short-lived and resolves with minimal treatment. But not always. Take care of your back by working on mobility, reducing risk factors and consulting with physical therapists or physiatrists if needed. Guest: Neelwant Sandhu, M.D..

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