Episode 40: Barriers to Health Care, Pathways to Health Equity

Episode Summary: In this episode, a panel of three physician experts in health care equity discuss barriers to health care, due to racism, bias, and structural inequities. Partnerships of medicine (medical training and care delivery) with public health (population health) are a promising approach to reduce barriers. Listen to the challenges, strategies, and pathways these…

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Episode 32. Black Men’s Health: The National African American Male Wellness Agency (AAWellness)

We know a lot about health disparities: what and where they are. What can we do about them? This organization provides concrete and effective steps toward reducing disparities (in health care knowledge, access, clinical/vaccine trials) for Black men.

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Episode 30: Health Inequity

The long standing and large disparity in longevity and life expectancy between Black and White Americans is hard evidence of serious health inequities. 

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