Episode 37. Safe and Effective Vaccines for SARS COV2 (Covid19)

Scientists have been working non-stop to rid the world of Covid19. Amazingly, they achieved safe and effective vaccines in a mere 11 months. In this episode learn how and why the vaccines work to 1) protect us from infection, 2) reduce the threat of…

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Episode 35. Understanding Covid19 (SARS-CoV-2) One Year In

Background and current Covid19 (& vaccine) information will leave you optimistic about and informed on: what science, public health, individuals & communities have achieved in our understanding of and fight against Covid19 in the past year….

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Episode 9. Infectious disease – Germs, Colds and Epidemics

– – Description: Pathogens are notorious for not respecting national borders, or species borders, or personal borders. Vigilance, vaccines and Purell can do a lot to protect you, at home and when traveling. – Guest:   – Elizabeth Talbot, M.D.,

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