Episode 31. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

PTSD manifests in several forms, but is recoverable with support. Support is the critical word here: talking about and working through the traumatic experience and triggers with trusted therapists, counselors, or others is key.  You are not alone.

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Episode 22: Psychiatric Health and Care

Recognizing and managing mental health episodes and conditions can be particularly hard for guys, who tend to deal stoically alone with the hard stuff in life. Early, multi pronged, context-based treatments are successful and available for anger mana…

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Episode 16. Mental Health: Part 1—General Depression; Part 2—Deeper Depression, Suicide and Suicide Prevention.

Like pain or pleasure, depression has varying degrees and causes. A psychologist (Part 1) and a psychiatrist (Part 2) cover the nuts and bolts of depression and suicide issues, and the tools and specialists that provide support. With this support,

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