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Episode 51: How Best Practices in Clinical Health Care are Made: Clinical Guidelines and Outcome Measures

This episode demystifies clinical medical care ‘best practices’ — clinical guidelines & outcome measures. These are regularly created, validated & updated, by expert teams and organizations. This rigorous, evidence-based process provides the USA with a quality and up to date clinical health care system.

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Episode 50: Ear, Nose, and Throat Health

The ear, nose and throat (ENT) have their own medical specialty, based on proximity and function. Guest Dr. Ian Humphries takes us through a range of basic ENT health issues, including chronic irritation of the sinuses, disordered smell, ringing ears, hearing loss, swallowing problems, vocal cord issues, and oral cancers.

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Episode 44: Grief, Grieving and the End of Life

The end of life is devastatingly hard, and difficult to navigate, for those grieving a loss, as well as the friends, family & colleagues of people grieving.

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